distancing day 193 thoughts:

Trying something different today. I’m gonna pop in all day long to write what I’m thinking. It’s 815 and I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna bribe myself with to get this work done. Current status: I’m gonna take a shower and put on my workout clothes because dodging all the bullshit takes fullContinue reading “distancing day 193 thoughts:”

distancing day 192 thoughts:

1. I’m sitting on my front porch eating chocolate ice cream because ice cream = good and lots of noise when you’ve got a headache = bad. I should be cleaning my kitchen but that doesn’t sound fun so I’m not. The end. 2. I went to my OB today for my PCOS check sinceContinue reading “distancing day 192 thoughts:”

distancing day 191 thoughts:

This morning started at 5am with all the Drew ladies yelling in mah face. What a great way to start a Monday, eh? 2 Drewlings lost privileges for the day for yelling like cotton headed ninnimuggins at each other before 9am. They had to work on a project with each other for a few hoursContinue reading “distancing day 191 thoughts:”

distancing day 190 thoughts:

1. This weekend didn’t feel too weekendy. Yesterday I did laundry all the live long day. Today I was working on more laundry and my dryer wouldn’t shut. I had to go full inspector gadget trying to figure out why. It was because the lint trap wouldn’t go all the way down which was keepingContinue reading “distancing day 190 thoughts:”

distancing day 189 thoughts:

1. I woke up feeling under the weather. But you know what doesn’t care? I’ll tell you what doesn’t care. Laundry. A month of homeschooling creates this mess: 6 hours and my entire will to live later, I got all the laundry done. The state of affairs caused by my lack of laundry discipline madeContinue reading “distancing day 189 thoughts:”