As a mom of 4, there is always some body or some thing in a state of upset. I can’t let the environment dictate my mood. I need to let my mood dictate the environment.

So much of that is allowing time for mistakes and loving correction. Chaos begets chaos. I’m a lot of things but I don’t want to be the conductor of the chaos train. I want to be the safe harbor in the storm.

Ye Olde Chore Bag

This is how cleaning goes at my house: Me: OH MY GAAAAHHHHHH. I can’t take it anymore. We have got to clean up! Kids: (makes noise like they had to watch their dog get thrown in a wood chipper while simultaneously having their butts branded with a hot prod). Me: It’s not hard. We justContinue reading “Ye Olde Chore Bag”

how do you halloween?

…or do you halloween? we celebrate, but we don’t go all out.  i might could get behind lightin’ it up around here, but i don’t have energy for all of that. a few years ago, i straight up punted carving pumpkins to my husband.  i am fully in support of festive shit, but carving pumpkinsContinue reading “how do you halloween?”