distancing day 1.7 thoughts:

Today was date day. There was no Daddy/Daughter dance this year cause COVID sucks a hot one. However, I am on The Melting Pot’s email distro (because they were offering free food at some point and I love free food) and they sent out an email about Daddy/Daughter Date Day. I think I was inContinue reading “distancing day 1.7 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.5 thoughts:

Today started a little sour but ended up super sweet with dinner with some friends. The children have forgotten how to be out in public without doing power bombs, suplexii, and DDTs in the middle of the aisle at Walmart. I took Winnie to the vet for her checkup this AM and thought it wouldContinue reading “distancing day 1.5 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.3 thoughts:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m super not Irish, but I have a red headed daughter that gets her red hair from her Irish great-grandmother so we celebrate! Or at least we try to celebrate. The girls asked me green nail polish so I grabbed some while I was at the store. I didn’t want toContinue reading “distancing day 1.3 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.1 thoughts:

I accidentally bought a computer today. Whoops. I went to the BX to price them and to see what the looked like- etc. I stood there for a long time and waited for someone to come help me. I’m not mad about it or anything- I was actually surprised they were open. I found whatContinue reading “distancing day 1.1 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.0 thoughts:

It’s been a year. I thought about writing a list of things I’d learned this year or maybe disappointments I’d had or things I prefer like people giving me a Meagan bubble, but that all felt heavy. I’ve had such a wonderful day and I don’t wanna. It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowedContinue reading “distancing day 1.0 thoughts:”