distancing day 192 thoughts:

1. I’m sitting on my front porch eating chocolate ice cream because ice cream = good and lots of noise when you’ve got a headache = bad. I should be cleaning my kitchen but that doesn’t sound fun so I’m not. The end. 2. I went to my OB today for my PCOS check sinceContinue reading “distancing day 192 thoughts:”

distancing day 180 thoughts:

1. My phone keeps autocorrecting “It’s Meagan” to “It’s a Meagan.” It’s so rude. I catch it most of the time but sometimes I don’t. I didn’t catch it tonight until I already sent my text, so that’s exciting: NEW CORE MEMORY! I’ll tuck that little Mario moment in right beside when I said “youContinue reading “distancing day 180 thoughts:”

distancing day 153 thoughts:

1. My poor, sweet, precious husband should really get hazard pay for having to be married to me. I can’t ever remember what I’ve told him and what I haven’t so sometimes I am waaaay out in left field and he’s left horrified. Today’s certifiable offense went a little something like this: Jerry: [doing nothingContinue reading “distancing day 153 thoughts:”

distancing day 151 thoughts:

1. It me, the lady with 29 children and PCOS. Welcome. And, yep, that’s the definitive diagnosis. I feel oddly vindicated. If you’re an avid reader of this here page of ramblings, then you know I have been telling my Drs for years and years and years that I have PCOS. Every doctor I’ve toldContinue reading “distancing day 151 thoughts:”

distancing day 128 thoughts:

1. For the better part of the morning my kids wanted nothing to do with me and I did all of the things… and I mean ALL THE THINGS. I swear that I have adult onset ADHD (I’m not joking about this) and COVID has taken it from like a 2 to a 25. IContinue reading “distancing day 128 thoughts:”