distancing day 129 thoughts:

1. Today I had a first time experience. Did I sky dive? No. Did I drag race? Nope. Swim with dolphins? Nuh-uh. For the first time in my entire life a bird shit right splat on my shoulder. I’m told it’s good luck. It didn’t feel like good luck. It felt wet and plaguey. 2.Continue reading “distancing day 129 thoughts:”

distancing day 92 thoughts:

1. Wee Winnie Winter went on her first hike today! She went 3.1 miles which is hella impressive since the furthest she’s gone before that was 1.5. The views were beautiful too. Colorado gets prettier to me by the day. Even in the stupid winter, the mountain is gorgeous. Winnie may have gotten herself backContinue reading “distancing day 92 thoughts:”

distancing day 35/sip day 23 thoughts:

I had to reregister to vote today. Apparently me not voting in state/county/city elections of El Paso county, TX kicked me out. I’m glad I checked because baby, I’m VOTIN’ in this one. You might want to check yours: http://www.vote.org or if you’re military affiliated: http://www.overseasvotefoundation.org/vote/home.htm 1. I had not gotten punched in the faceContinue reading “distancing day 35/sip day 23 thoughts:”

distancing day 32/sip day 20 thoughts:

Today I’m feeling meh about carrying on this way for the foreseeable future. It’s feeling normal. And that’s weird. 1. I need some freaking person. Any freaking person to tell me WHY the 8 year old thinks it’s ok to come into the bathroom- where her mother is taking a bath- when on a ZoomContinue reading “distancing day 32/sip day 20 thoughts:”