distancing day 355 thoughts:

All of the Drewlings went to the Eye Dr today. All 4 cooouuuuld wear glasses for reading. 2 of them should wear glasses in life. 3 of them agreed to actually wearing glasses when they read or use the computer. They picked out some super cute ones but we are going to require vision insuranceContinue reading “distancing day 355 thoughts:”

distancing day 333 thoughts:

The weather today was very rude, and frosty, and overcast, and gross. I suuuure wish I had a fireplace to take the chill off the cold, but alas, one of the Drewlings was sitting near the gas fireplace on Monday. The fireplace had been on for a while and the glass was hOoooOoOOot. Said childContinue reading “distancing day 333 thoughts:”

distancing day 157 thoughts:

1. Why can’t all sheet makers put the little doodad tag that tells you which way is top/bottom? This is 2020 for Pete’s sake. Furthermore, THIS IS 2020 FOR PETE’S SAKE and with EVERYTHING else, it really is the very least the universe could do to make putting a fitted sheet on the bed easy.Continue reading “distancing day 157 thoughts:”