distancing day 226 thoughts:

I don’t know who slept with a cold spoon under your pillow last night, but I thank you. Jerry ended up having a snow day today and even thought it was a telework day, it was nice to have him here as a bridge to normal life. The morning was slow to pick up andContinue reading “distancing day 226 thoughts:”

distancing day 201 thoughts:

Meagan fast fact: I eat candy in bed. Almost every night I eat candy in bed. Tonight when Clara came up to read with me before we went to sleep she brought me a ziplock bag full of candy. I have never felt more seen. If there was ever a night that called for candyContinue reading “distancing day 201 thoughts:”

distancing day 200 thoughts:

You know what day 200 needs? Day 200 needs a flair of obnoxiousness to remind us that 2020 is the worst year in the history of years. This is what happened at my house today: I concede that was barely a third ass attempt- much less a half ass attempt- at covering up the identityContinue reading “distancing day 200 thoughts:”

distancing day 198 thoughts:

198 is repulsive. I am exhausted 6 ways from Sunday. I had the usual just got back from a trip grind of unpacking and tidying all the things we pulled out in our hasty packing. In addition, the kids wanted to act like the fuzziest of dingleberries about their work this morning so we loggedContinue reading “distancing day 198 thoughts:”

distancing day 191 thoughts:

This morning started at 5am with all the Drew ladies yelling in mah face. What a great way to start a Monday, eh? 2 Drewlings lost privileges for the day for yelling like cotton headed ninnimuggins at each other before 9am. They had to work on a project with each other for a few hoursContinue reading “distancing day 191 thoughts:”