distancing day 19/sip day 7 thoughts:

1. Y’all. Somebody needs to come over here and snatch my wax out of my amateur aesthetician hands. I can’t stop waxing and pretty soon I’m gonna have eyebrows like chubby Christian Aguilera. I’d love my early 2000s body back, but not my eyebrows. SOMEBODY, I AM BEGGING YOU, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF! If youContinue reading “distancing day 19/sip day 7 thoughts:”

distancing day 6 thoughts:

Distancing Day 6 Thoughts: 1. I almost quit today. The idea of letting them go full Lord of the Flies for the 19/20 school year while I hid in my closet rocking back and forth and eating copious amounts of chocolate was looking more and more appealing. The hangup was in trying to convince myselfContinue reading “distancing day 6 thoughts:”