distancing day 346 thoughts:

If you have 4 kids- statistically speaking- there is a extraordinarily high probability that every single day at least one will wake up and chose bullshit. The part where statistics get dicer is whether or not their choice of bullshit will rub off on the others or if they will be isolated in bullshitsville. YouContinue reading “distancing day 346 thoughts:”

distancing day 344 thoughts:

Drill Sergeant Momma got everyone up and at em this morning to head to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science even though it was like the only time any one of these chirren has ever tried to sleep in and it was all of them. Since there was no breakfast and no coffee, weContinue reading “distancing day 344 thoughts:”

distancing day 342 thoughts:

I took my laundry to fold and fluff today after a whole ass day of waiting around for the guy who said he was going to pick it up to text me 8 minutes after he was to arrive to tell me he wasn’t allowed to pick it up on a military installation. NFS, asshole.Continue reading “distancing day 342 thoughts:”

distancing day 339 thoughts:

First of all, Happy Mardi Gras. We did not celebrate beyond jambalaya and King Cake, but imma be real real with you. The King Cake I made is definitely the best King Cake I’ve ever had. Without a doubt. Shout out to the COVID bread baking gods and goddess who got us all out hereContinue reading “distancing day 339 thoughts:”

distancing day 338 thoughts:

By 930 today I felt like I had really accomplished all the things. If you were to look at my house at 930, you would think I had accomplished none of things – because if COVID has taught me anything it’s that we must not be home if we want to have a clean house.Continue reading “distancing day 338 thoughts:”