distancing day 110 thoughts:

1. The last two days I have been running on FUMES by the time Jerry gets home from work. Nothing is particularly overwhelming in a day, it’s just like 11 hours of mom, mommy, momma, mom, momma, mommmmyyy, MA!, mom, momma, mommy, mom mom mom MOM, moooooom, mommy, momma, MOM-MUH will wear a person down.Continue reading “distancing day 110 thoughts:”

distancing day 106 thoughts:

1. We unboxed the curriculum today. Yippee Skippee! The big girls actually took an interest in it and they wanted to be the stars of the unboxing videos. (We put them on Facebook in case anyone is interested in what comes in a Moving Beyond the Page 2nd grade or 5th grade curriculum). Mari gotContinue reading “distancing day 106 thoughts:”

distancing day 97 thoughts:

1. If slugs were people, they would be Drews today. We were slow getting started and haven’t really gotten going at all. The TV has been on all day and many many many movies have been watched. I haven’t seen anybody slap anybody so I’m gonna ride this Pixar wave as far as it willContinue reading “distancing day 97 thoughts:”

distancing day 95 thoughts:

1. We have bubble people. Our bubble people have done wonders for our mental health. This social distancing thing has gone on and on and on and appears to be going to go on and on and on. Having people we aren’t genetically linked to (that are also social distancing) that we can hang withContinue reading “distancing day 95 thoughts:”

distancing day 93 thoughts:

1. We are getting close to 100 days of distancing. Clara has designated herself the party planner for the social distancing 100 days party. It will just be us and maybe our bubble people. Clara is fired up about party planning and I’m no George Banks so ask and she shall receive… except ponies. WeContinue reading “distancing day 93 thoughts:”