distancing day 195 thoughts:

We’re getting really close to 200 days out here, big shooters. The kids are really bored and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about that. They’re sick of me and I don’t really blame them. If we are being honest here- and we are- I’m really sick of being the cruise ship directorContinue reading “distancing day 195 thoughts:”

distancing day 193 thoughts:

Trying something different today. I’m gonna pop in all day long to write what I’m thinking. It’s 815 and I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna bribe myself with to get this work done. Current status: I’m gonna take a shower and put on my workout clothes because dodging all the bullshit takes fullContinue reading “distancing day 193 thoughts:”

distancing day 185 thoughts:

The very first thing I did today was step on the plastic wrapper off of a Gatorade bottle (that one of my kids ripped off and threw down besides my bed because of course they did) and tried to shake it off my foot like it was an alligator all the way down the stairs.Continue reading “distancing day 185 thoughts:”

distancing day 184 thoughts:

Happy? 6 month Coronaversary! I simultaneously can’t believe it’s been 6 months and also, where has the time gone? I guess things are sorta settling in to the new normal. For that, I am thankfulish. I have learned one very important lesson during the last 6 months. Here are things I can do: take careContinue reading “distancing day 184 thoughts:”