distancing day 264 thoughts:

I forced myself to get up and put on makeup and function like a healthy person whether I felt healthy or not. Ya know. I “mom’d” it. It mostly worked. My stomach didn’t allow anything to come near it until about 4pm, but that’s not all bad. Even now, I’ve just eaten supper and thingsContinue reading “distancing day 264 thoughts:”

distancing day 263 thoughts:

I took a sick day today (minus the 2 minute drive to my McRib) which means tomorrow I’m going to have to triple my production. Idk how that math works out, but trust me that it does. I’m thankful my kids are old enough to let me “take a sick day” mostly. I obviously fedContinue reading “distancing day 263 thoughts:”

distancing day 262 thoughts:

Everything on the right side of my body hurts. Ok. Not evvverything but my neck and my arm. I have never in all my years of shingling had a rash that looked like this. I got an urgent care visit this AM and the gal put me on an antiviral for 7 days- 3x aContinue reading “distancing day 262 thoughts:”