distancing day 263 thoughts:

I took a sick day today (minus the 2 minute drive to my McRib) which means tomorrow I’m going to have to triple my production. Idk how that math works out, but trust me that it does. I’m thankful my kids are old enough to let me “take a sick day” mostly. I obviously fedContinue reading “distancing day 263 thoughts:”

distancing day 216 thoughts:

Distancing day 216 was a scary day. We’ve all had a cough for the last few weeks. They weren’t productive and we haven’t had any other symptoms so we really didn’t think much of them. The cough has run through the family. Jerry, Clara, and Jack have all had it. Laurel got the cough onContinue reading “distancing day 216 thoughts:”

distancing day 208 thoughts:

Trigger Warning: Throw up. My kids think I’m fully unhinged because I just laughed and laughed and laughed today at all of the ridiculous things that happened. This morning was a textbook case of laughing is better than crying. It started with Laurel puking on Marian’s head in our bed at 4am. It just barelyContinue reading “distancing day 208 thoughts:”

distancing day 205 thoughts:

It’s Monday and it’s the Mondayist of Mondays. Poor Clara woke up about 4 puking her brains out. She didn’t have a fever. She didn’t have a cough. She didn’t have an upset tummy- just throwing up. It was rough. My kids are usually the throw up every couple hours type but she was throwingContinue reading “distancing day 205 thoughts:”

distancing day 167 thoughts:

1. I made a plan for today and, then, Mari woke up at 5 with a fever and a headache. Mari has always always always been our most delicate flower. If one of the kids catches something and brings it home, what might be the sniffles to them will knock fairy Mari on her adorableContinue reading “distancing day 167 thoughts:”