distancing day 30/sip day 18 thoughts:

It’s snowy here. Snow is gross. Full stop. 1. I went for a walk today in the snow just because this is the way I have picked to self care. Self-care don’t care about snow. It was pretty cold but not so bad once I got going. I was going to try to walk forContinue reading “distancing day 30/sip day 18 thoughts:”

pictures and side hustles and chauffeuring, oh my.

boy, oh boy. i have been busy. i am not even really sure where to start with everything i have been working on, so i will start somewhere and do my best not to SQUIRREL! we had family pictures taken in september. i will use them for our christmas cards so i won’t show allContinue reading “pictures and side hustles and chauffeuring, oh my.”