distancing day 101 thoughts:

1. I ordered our hybrid homeschool curriculum today. I’ve known what I wanted for a bit, but the price tag was a little hard to swallow. I finally just ordered it today because it has to be done eventually. I wanted to have some time to organize and figure out what we are doing beforeContinue reading “distancing day 101 thoughts:”

distancing day 98 thoughts:

1. Winnie had a Drs appointment today to get the rest of her puppy shots. She’s also had some puppy runs so I asked about those. Since we can’t go in, the Dr called me after her appointment to talk to me. Winnie only growled and didn’t try and bite anyone today. She also gaveContinue reading “distancing day 98 thoughts:”

distancing day 69 thoughts:

1. I ate popcorn for supper because I’m 36 and you can do things like eat popcorn for supper when you’re 36 because there is nobody to stop you. You can also make run on sentences whenever you want because it’s summer break and you don’t have to use your brain in the summer orContinue reading “distancing day 69 thoughts:”

distancing day 56 thoughts:

1. Life tips by Meagan: Don’t walk your very cute baby dog when your clothes are covered in cavatelli dough. People will stop you because your dog is adorable and you will be standing there talking to them with booger looking globs of dough all over you. 2. Speaking of appearances, I am acquiring 1Continue reading “distancing day 56 thoughts:”