distancing day 78 thoughts:

1. I am writing this while I wear very fancy hand softening gloves that look like they belong to Blanche Devereaux. My children think I’ve lost my mind and, frankly, I’m rather surprised that of all the weird things I’ve done that this is what did it. 2. Remember when I told you I lookedContinue reading “distancing day 78 thoughts:”

distancing day 74 thoughts:

1. I could not get my life together this morning. I was so tired. I kept falling asleep while sitting up and drinking my coffee. It didn’t improve until around 11 when I forced myself to take a shower even though I just wanted to putz around in my pajamas. Probably nothing bad would haveContinue reading “distancing day 74 thoughts:”

distancing day 68 thoughts:

1. Wee Winnie had another Drs appointment today and this one went MUCH better. Dr Barb ran blood work and did new urine. Winnie was a stinker during her exam with Dr Barb too but she stopped and gave Winnie a second when she was illustrating she was uncomfortable instead of grabbing her by theContinue reading “distancing day 68 thoughts:”

distancing day 58 thoughts:

1. Do we think that the Army would spring for the Drews having two houses? If I lived next door, I could keep my house clean AND I’d still be able to hear my kids- probably at a normal volume. 2. Today was cold and overcast and bullshit. I’m ready for the cold to beContinue reading “distancing day 58 thoughts:”

distancing day 57 thoughts:

1. My hands can’t take all this hand washing y’all. I’ve always thought of myself as a clean person, but apparently I was not. After 8 weeks of vigorous hand washing, my hands look like they belong to the crypt keeper. 2. Clara got a sewing machine for her birthday. My mom and dad gaveContinue reading “distancing day 57 thoughts:”