distancing day 217 thoughts:

I’ve nearly been up for 24 hours at this point. We got Laurel to sleep without her busting through any walls like the roided up Koolaid man and Clara woke up pretty quickly afterwards with a nightmare that Laurel died. Fully dramatic stuff. It was scary when we had to whisk her away to theContinue reading “distancing day 217 thoughts:”

distancing day 216 thoughts:

Distancing day 216 was a scary day. We’ve all had a cough for the last few weeks. They weren’t productive and we haven’t had any other symptoms so we really didn’t think much of them. The cough has run through the family. Jerry, Clara, and Jack have all had it. Laurel got the cough onContinue reading “distancing day 216 thoughts:”

distancing day 215 thoughts:

We mostly did all the things that you do when you get into town after being gone for a while. Grocery shopped, unpacked, ran around like nuts. It rained today which cooled everything off. The rain feels nice after being in the dryness of Colorado. The leaves are at the peak of changing too soContinue reading “distancing day 215 thoughts:”

distancing day 209 thoughts:

Today was a day of errands. Errands are more fun with family… I mean sometimes. Sometimes they’re the only time I get alone and I luxuriate down the aisles of the grocery store like the lady sloth I am. During our erranding, we made the kids go into the mall and walk around because whenContinue reading “distancing day 209 thoughts:”

distancing day 208 thoughts:

Trigger Warning: Throw up. My kids think I’m fully unhinged because I just laughed and laughed and laughed today at all of the ridiculous things that happened. This morning was a textbook case of laughing is better than crying. It started with Laurel puking on Marian’s head in our bed at 4am. It just barelyContinue reading “distancing day 208 thoughts:”