distancing day 174 thoughts:

Jerry had the day off so we headed over to the uniquely Colorado Bishop Castle. Field trip? Sure. We can call it that, I guess. On the way down to see it, I read all about the history of it to the kids. The website made it sound like it was the modern day LorettoContinue reading “distancing day 174 thoughts:”

distancing day 159 thoughts:

1. On days when I say “OMG! It’s only 2pm” it’s not going great. Today I said, “OMG! It’s only 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm” and then I ordered dinner because I was not extending my day out by cooking and cleaning any further than I had to. I have had a headache for like 4Continue reading “distancing day 159 thoughts:”

distancing day 153 thoughts:

1. My poor, sweet, precious husband should really get hazard pay for having to be married to me. I can’t ever remember what I’ve told him and what I haven’t so sometimes I am waaaay out in left field and he’s left horrified. Today’s certifiable offense went a little something like this: Jerry: [doing nothingContinue reading “distancing day 153 thoughts:”

distancing day 146 thoughts:

1. Today was not my favorite day and then I just got a NewsBreak notification that mobile Whataburger is coming to Colorado Springs. I don’t know what mobile Whataburger is and I don’t care what it is but I will be in line in a beekeeper suit made of self-sterilizing silicon to get a WhataburgerContinue reading “distancing day 146 thoughts:”

distancing day 142 thoughts:

1. Last night in my half asleep stupor, I yeeted a downstairs rocking horse that clippity clopped it’s way upstairs to beside my bed at the hands of one of my kids who clearly does not value all of my digits in the same way I do. I kicked Mr. Ed so hard he wasContinue reading “distancing day 142 thoughts:”