distancing day 116 thoughts:

1. There was a Cat4 Maricane today. I really wish Jim Cantore had stopped by and warned me because being sideswiped by the crazy while I was driving 60 down one of the main drags was unsat. Then again, is it *really* Mari’s fault for shrieking because a bird pooped on her window and sheContinue reading “distancing day 116 thoughts:”

distancing day 82 thoughts:

1. One of my character flaws is optimism that I’m going to use the other half of the onion before it turns to green chunky onion water somewhere in the depths of my overfull fridge. I cannot tell you how many onions I put in the fridge and think “I’ll use that tomorrow” and thenContinue reading “distancing day 82 thoughts:”

distancing day 81 thoughts:

1. Laurel just asked me if we “could do lawnmower rides.” Oh. Honey. No. It’s not even a riding lawnmower. It’s just a regular push lawnmower and she wants me to ride her around the neighborhood like the Redneck Princess of Peterson. I’m more of the keep your hillbilly to yourself type, but it appearsContinue reading “distancing day 81 thoughts:”

distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:

1. This has been the longest day of my entire life. Ok, maybe not as long as some of the days when Jack and Clara were both toddlers and just wrecking shit all the live long day, but loooooong. It’s day 40 and I’m pretty sure we have firmly established that I’m not going toContinue reading “distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:”