distancing day 295 thoughts:

Another day of living la vida loca or whatever it is that Ricky Martin swiveled his hips to back in 99. We Spring cleaned some more and I went to the grocery store for pickup (and to run in for staples and duct tape to keep the back of our vacuum cleaner from falling off).Continue reading “distancing day 295 thoughts:”

distancing day 172 thoughts:

1. You know that meme of Kermit running around flailing his arms in the air? That was me today- inside my heart. There is a lot I really like about homeschooling but having 4 people yelling at me at the same time with their educational crises is overwhelming. Furthermore, I’m trying to teach math toContinue reading “distancing day 172 thoughts:”

distancing day 163 thoughts:

1. I am woman hear me roar and other colloquialism that hype women up. I did it alllll today. Ain’t nobody as productive as a mom that’s house has every damn thing pulled out so it can be on a display like the junkiest bullshit museum of all time. I got the house clean, IContinue reading “distancing day 163 thoughts:”

distancing day 160 thoughts:

1. My kids gave me the old frazzle dazzle fresh out the gate this morning. Laurel wanted to earn some pokeys and so I sat down to help her. Meanwhile, in the den the world was burning. So much noise, so many people asking me questions at once, so much fighting. I was also tryingContinue reading “distancing day 160 thoughts:”

distancing day 114 thoughts:

1. Tomorrow is our anniversary. Jerry and I both forgot until my mom told the kids on the phone this afternoon. Marian hastily made me a present and I had no idea that’s what she was doing- not even when she asked me how to spell Happy Anniversary! The resulting present was certainly better thanContinue reading “distancing day 114 thoughts:”