distancing day 243 thoughts:

Chores – cause it’s a day that ends in y. Mental health was about a 4/10 today. Colorado is locking down again and I find that exhausting. I got a notification that D11 is going back to virtual learning. That’s what I was afraid of when this year started. I was terrified we’d be backContinue reading “distancing day 243 thoughts:”

distancing day 143 thoughts:

This is feeling a little trite at this point (the 143 day point), but I’m still distancing so I’m still writing. 1. I am a self professed Type I person for IDNGAF. And that’s mostly true, but I’m also severely a morning person. If I don’t have most of my tasks for the day wellContinue reading “distancing day 143 thoughts:”

distancing day 129 thoughts:

1. Today I had a first time experience. Did I sky dive? No. Did I drag race? Nope. Swim with dolphins? Nuh-uh. For the first time in my entire life a bird shit right splat on my shoulder. I’m told it’s good luck. It didn’t feel like good luck. It felt wet and plaguey. 2.Continue reading “distancing day 129 thoughts:”

distancing day 98 thoughts:

1. Winnie had a Drs appointment today to get the rest of her puppy shots. She’s also had some puppy runs so I asked about those. Since we can’t go in, the Dr called me after her appointment to talk to me. Winnie only growled and didn’t try and bite anyone today. She also gaveContinue reading “distancing day 98 thoughts:”

distancing day 46 thoughts:

This week has not been my favorite so far. I miss when things were sorta settled feeling- which was what? like a week ago? 1. If I could stop sticking my hands down my pants to adjust my underwear right behind Jerry when he’s on conference calls, that would be grrreeeaattt. You’d think I’d haveContinue reading “distancing day 46 thoughts:”