distancing day 83 thoughts:

1. Ra on a motorboat. Ike on a bike. Winnie was back at the vet today. We had to drop her off this morning for the doctor to see her between surgeries because she started yelping when she tried to poop. At 1230 they hadn’t called yet, so I gave them a ringy ding dingContinue reading “distancing day 83 thoughts:”

distancing day 67 thoughts:

Its only Wednesday but I’m REAL ready for this stupid week to be over. Not that this weekend will be any different from this week, but I’m am drained. Today parts 1a through 1f? z? will all be in paragraph format or something. I’m mad too so it’s all jumbled. I took Winnie back toContinue reading “distancing day 67 thoughts:”

distancing day 61 thoughts:

1. The list of things I needed to do today was a mile long. The list of things I actually accomplished is basically just 1 thing: I followed my dog around with a tiny Tupperware and attempting to catch her pee. Every time she went I managed to get about a half of a dribbleContinue reading “distancing day 61 thoughts:”

distancing day 53 thoughts:

1. We had to get a new dishwasher today because ours keeps flooding and the top shelf would just fall down sometimes. We have also received basically all new guts for our refrigerator and freezer and a new microwave. I live in a constant state of confusion on how we could possibly be breaking allContinue reading “distancing day 53 thoughts:”