distancing day 1.10 thoughts:

The kids took their mandatory standardized tests today. Whew. That’s one major thing off my stress list. I just have to submit their scores to our umbrella school and do the wash my hands of it motion. They did well and I’m relieved that I’m not a big, fat, stupid, crap hole of a teacher-Continue reading “distancing day 1.10 thoughts:”

distancing day 346 thoughts:

If you have 4 kids- statistically speaking- there is a extraordinarily high probability that every single day at least one will wake up and chose bullshit. The part where statistics get dicer is whether or not their choice of bullshit will rub off on the others or if they will be isolated in bullshitsville. YouContinue reading “distancing day 346 thoughts:”

distancing day 342 thoughts:

I took my laundry to fold and fluff today after a whole ass day of waiting around for the guy who said he was going to pick it up to text me 8 minutes after he was to arrive to tell me he wasn’t allowed to pick it up on a military installation. NFS, asshole.Continue reading “distancing day 342 thoughts:”

distancing day 326 thoughts:

It was a good day. Not all days are good days, but today was a good one. The sun was a shining and the weather was beautiful so we went for a hike. The kids ran freely and I was so thankful to be a homeschooling fam so that we could do things like goContinue reading “distancing day 326 thoughts:”

distancing day 324 thoughts:

School today was more painful than 1000 bee stings (and I’m allergic). Hyperbolic? You and I wish. The kids are standardized testing in March and I need to review material with them before they take the test because they haven’t been working on grade level. Upon informing my children of the review period and whatContinue reading “distancing day 324 thoughts:”