distancing day 155 thoughts:

1. You know who made the very most covidist of covid decisions in the history of covid decisions? This guy: 2. Marian and I took Winnie to training this morning and then we dropped her off so we could run to Walmart to get Winnie some more food (and a whole lot of stuff weContinue reading “distancing day 155 thoughts:”

distancing day 116 thoughts:

1. There was a Cat4 Maricane today. I really wish Jim Cantore had stopped by and warned me because being sideswiped by the crazy while I was driving 60 down one of the main drags was unsat. Then again, is it *really* Mari’s fault for shrieking because a bird pooped on her window and sheContinue reading “distancing day 116 thoughts:”

distancing day 106 thoughts:

1. We unboxed the curriculum today. Yippee Skippee! The big girls actually took an interest in it and they wanted to be the stars of the unboxing videos. (We put them on Facebook in case anyone is interested in what comes in a Moving Beyond the Page 2nd grade or 5th grade curriculum). Mari gotContinue reading “distancing day 106 thoughts:”

distancing day 102 thoughts:

1. Today kicked off at 1211am when the Wee Winnie Winter decided that the 3 cans of food yesterday were not enough and she must eat a 4th can while I stood around in my underwear on the back porch. She is not bothered by squirrels, birds, or rabbits but something SPOOKED her a goodContinue reading “distancing day 102 thoughts:”

distancing day 99 thoughts:

1. Last day of social distancing in the double digits. Tomorrow is our 100 days social distancing gathering with our bubble people. Today, the kids got hair cuts on base and I gave the lady a 40% tip because my kids haven’t had hair cuts in months and it was their first outing into civilizationContinue reading “distancing day 99 thoughts:”