distancing day 232 thoughts:

We really had a nice Sunday and I could tell you all about it but it’s the first day of dark… all the dark all the time, so I want to talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD because I care about your mental health. Seasonal Affective Disorder is different from the Winter Blues, butContinue reading “distancing day 232 thoughts:”

distancing day 26/sip day 14 thoughts:

I bet you thought I forgot. Ha. I did not. 1. This morning we enjoyed a relaxed and chill hourish before everyone set out to work on their various things. I was just sitting down and getting everything booted up when I yelled at everyone and nobody in particular “I HAVE TO POOPOO!!!! NOBODY TOUCHContinue reading “distancing day 26/sip day 14 thoughts:”