distancing day 143 thoughts:

This is feeling a little trite at this point (the 143 day point), but I’m still distancing so I’m still writing. 1. I am a self professed Type I person for IDNGAF. And that’s mostly true, but I’m also severely a morning person. If I don’t have most of my tasks for the day wellContinue reading “distancing day 143 thoughts:”

distancing day 109 thoughts:

1. I just got back from a walk with my dog and she draggggggged me (literally and figuratively) at the end. I decided to run home because it was only a half mile and Winnie loves to run. I was out there looking like Forest Gump and this lady is straight prancercising- barely even aboveContinue reading “distancing day 109 thoughts:”

distancing day 103 thoughts:

1. Once a month I have a super heavy work day with a tight deadline. Microsoft updates, as sponsored by Belphegor and Lucifer, likes to force updates every.single.freaking.time. Oh? You needed to work? Lol. LOL. Lollllll. YOU WILL UPDATE AND YOU WILL UPDATE RIGHT NOW. 54 minutes later and I was just getting to startContinue reading “distancing day 103 thoughts:”

distancing day 95 thoughts:

1. We have bubble people. Our bubble people have done wonders for our mental health. This social distancing thing has gone on and on and on and appears to be going to go on and on and on. Having people we aren’t genetically linked to (that are also social distancing) that we can hang withContinue reading “distancing day 95 thoughts:”

distancing day 27/sip day 15 thoughts:

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! It’s Fuck You Friday at my house. It’s not official or anything and I didn’t send out an Event invitation. I don’t even know how anyone can delineate one day from the next in this Groundhogs Day Hell, but my kids hate each other on Fridays. This weekContinue reading “distancing day 27/sip day 15 thoughts:”